We, the MEN of SWBIBLE, don't sit on the sidelines. We are about being in the game. We aren't here to be spectators or benchwarmers. We are the real thing. We are actively involved in our marriages, in our relationships with our kids, in our life with Christ, in sports and hobbies, in friendships, in serving in our local church and our local community—as well as finding time for work.

We can do all this through the strength that Christ has given us. Our first priority is to pursue our relationship with Him in order to be better men, growing and learning to serve Him with all our hearts. It is our Savior Jesus that gives us the power to lead and serve. We are men.

Our Goals:

1. Grow in relationship with Jesus

2. Encourage each other to live for Jesus in every aspect of our lives, home, church, work and recreation

3. Help men who are new believers in Jesus or new to SWBIBLE connect with other men


The Men's Study

GROWING in our relationship with Christ - LEADING others to do the same

Tuesdays, 6-7 am in the Lobby
February 13 - May 1, 2018*
Book of 1 Peter

Men at SWBible grasp and even practice Paul’s challenge to Timothy to take what we’ve learned from our Lord and “entrust it to faithful men who are able to teach others also.” Just walk into any coffee shop around our neighborhoods and you will see men discipling men; or sit in any elders or deacons meetings and you will find “iron sharpening iron.” We desire to excel still more in this privilege of leading for Christ’s sake in our homes, communities and this church. 

Contact: Pastor Gary Dozier or Pastor Tom Aylward 503-524-7000.

*No meeting on March 27 due to Spring Break


Men's Monday AM Bible Study

We meet every Monday morning at 7:30 am.
Please contact Gary Thompson for more information: 503-629-0756.


Past Men’s Retreat Resources

The Men's Retreat 2017 -  All In!

In April 2017, our retreat theme focused on being All In! What does it mean to be all in for Christ, seeking to honor him in everything! We have included resources from that retreat here.


Our Speaker: Bill Newton

Bill serves as pastor/teacher at Madison Chapel in Mars Hill, North Carolina. Bill has been a Christian for over 35 years. Before becoming a pastor, Bill graduated from the US Naval Academy, becoming a pilot and flying over 250 combat missions. After earning an MBA at Harvard, Bill worked as a business executive and owner of several companies. God intervened in Bill’s life in the 1980s, calling him into ministry to serve with Alistair Begg at Parkside Church, Cleveland Ohio prior to his current ministry.

Bill’s varied professional and personal background is a testimony of a life that is “All In.” God desires our whole heart—committed to honoring Him in every area of our lives. 


Audio Recordings:

All In: Session 1

Bill Newton’s journey to “All In”

All In: Session 2

Does the Bible call us to be “All In” as Christians? If so, how do we sign up?

All In: Session 3

If we are “All In” what does God really care about?


Printed Resources

Where Do I Do From Here?

Digging Deeper

Care (Visitation and Men's Care Team): >>visit our page or contact Larry Elliott

Athletics >>visit our page or contact Carl Stubblefield

Outreach >>visit our page

Portland Rescue Mission: contact John Opferman

Global: contact Mark Sherman

Outdoor Summer Evenings: contact Carl Stubblefield

Short Term Teams: contact Mark Sherman

Prayer contact Sam Naro

Service contact Carl Stubblefield

Set up/Tear Down Crews: Mark Pierson

Photography/Videography: Matt Miranda

Food Service (Grillers, etc.): Gary Dozier


Don't see what you are looking for? Many ministries have opportunities in which to serve others. See our Service Opportunity Directory to learn how you can become involved in the many ministry opportunities here at SWBIBLE.