Sunday Classes 10:00 am

We strive to provide a variety of classes, so there is something for everyone.

We offer several adult classes each quarter, including Essential Christianity (eC). This would be a great place for you to start if you are new here.
eC introduces SWBIBLE Church and the essentials of Christianity to you.

Children are divided by age or grade and assigned to amazing teachers who are enthusiastic about teaching God's Word to kids with an age appropriate lesson.


Spring 2017 Classes

March 5 - May 28

There will be no classes on Easter Sunday, April 16

eC - Essential Christianity

Pastor Scott Gilchrist / Room 221

Human nature tends to find the unknown pretty scary—or maybe just intimidating. We wanted to have a comfortable place where you can ask those questions about Christianity that you’ve been holding back. No judgement, no “holier than thou”, just respect, and refreshingly clear and honest answers staight from God’s Word. Pastor Scott leads this class every quarter and you are welcome any time. This is the place to learn more about Christianity and about us here at SWBIBLE. Need a little more motivation? We don’t just have hot coffee—we also serve delectable treats. Okay, so we’ll see you there next week!

Join us as we once again examine biblically the social & political issues of our day.  This is a church-wide class held in the Auditorium for 6th grade through adult. We will tackle new topics and take a fresh look at some of the topics from last time.

Topics Include:

The Consequences of Ideas: A Worldview Overview
How Do We Know that the Bible Is True?
The Loss of the Culture War & The Victory of the Gospel
Faithful Christians in an Age of Contentious Politics
Religious Liberty and the “Right” to be Christian
Anti-Social Media
Social Justice
Parenting & Technology

Speakers Include:

Dr. Gary Ott - Cardiovascular Surgeon, Providence Heart Clinic
Dr. Todd Miles - Professor, Western Seminary
Thomas Terry - Proprietor/Artist, Humble Beast Records


Did you miss a class? You can listen in to this and last quarter's classes at our Media Center after logging in to MYSWBIBLE. If you'd like something older than that, email Carl.