In addition to giving using cash or check during our weekly services there are convenient ways to give electronically:


online giving

Use a browser on your smart phone or computer » give online



bank bill pay

You can use your bank's bill pay tool to designate checks to SWBIBLE. This method frees SWBIBLE from any merchant fees. Learn More »



Text to Give*

Text the amount you want to give to 84321 to get started. 
For help, reply HELP or STOP to cancel. Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

    *Msg & Data rates may apply

Common questions for electronic giving:

Common questions for electronic giving:
Q: How do I split my gift between funds, for example, give to the church and global outreach funds? 
A: Multiple lines with various funds can be done on a single transaction. After starting, use the "Add Donation" button to add any additional lines.
Q: How do I split my global outreach gift between workers I support?
A: Each SWGO worker/ministry has a particular fund you can select either from the fund drop down menu, or by getting their unique giving address directly from them or the church office.
Q. Are there administrative fees involved with online giving?
A: Only if the online gift is through credit/debit card and bank transfers using Planning Center Giving. SWBIBLE pays these fees for each transaction. You will be given the option to cover these fees as part of each online gift.

Click to watch a one minute demo:


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