2019 Spring Directory

Now available at the Welcome Center

Online Directory

ACS Technologies provides and secures the online Church Directory for SWBIBLE Church. To utilize this directory, members and regular attendees must be listed in our database with a valid email address. If we do not have a current or up-to-date email address, please contact us to submit updated information. Once registered, you can view the online Church Directory in your computer's web browser using the link below, or from your smart phone using the Church Life app.

Register for online directory access »

Web browser login »

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Church Life

Once  registered, download the Church Life App to your smart phone to access the SWBIBLE Church Directory, anytime, anywhere using the same credentials created while registering for online directory access. (Be alert to whether Church Life is asking for your username and password OR your email and password.)



Download Church Life from iTunes

(iOS 4.2 or higher)


Download Church Life from Android Market  

(Android 2.2 or higher)

Other Mobile Devices

Enter www.churchlife.mobi* from any mobile browser

*Limited features apply to this version of Church Life.

 (site number 10176)