We hold marriage in high regard and treat the consideration of marriage very seriously. Our pastors are happy to perform Christian wedding ceremonies for those who have already made SWBIBLE their home church.


First of all, congratulations! What's next? If you are interested in having your wedding ceremony here at SW, please contact Linda Gemmill at 503.524.7000 to begin the process.

Linda will send you our pre-marital questionnaire applications. Once the church has received both completed questionnaires, a pastor will set up an initial meeting to discuss their premarital counseling plan and wedding ceremony. After this meeting, the date may be set with him and the facilities reserved.


All weddings are under the direction of one of our church Wedding Coordinators and possibly her assistant, a Reception Coordinator. These individuals are required to manage all weddings in the church. For further general information about weddings, please contact Debbie Eaton at 503.524.7000.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Successful completion of our provided pre-marital counseling plan is required prior to a pastor of SWBIBLE performing the ceremony.